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# For all robots
User-agent: *

# Block access to specific groups of pages
Disallow: /cart
Disallow: /checkout
Disallow: /my-account
Disallow: /cauta/
Disallow: *?*
Disallow: */quickView
Allow: *?q=%3Arelevance&page=*
Allow: *?q=:relevance&page=*
Allow: *?page=*
Allow: *in=tr

Request-rate: 1/10 # maximum rate is one page every 10 seconds
Crawl-delay: 10 # 10 seconds between page requests
Visit-time: 0400-0845 # only visit between 04:00 and 08:45 UTC

# Allow search crawlers to discover the sitemap

# Block CazoodleBot as it does not present correct accept content headers
User-agent: CazoodleBot
Disallow: /

# Block MJ12bot as it is just noise
User-agent: MJ12bot
Disallow: /

# Block dotbot as it cannot parse base urls properly
User-agent: dotbot/1.0
Disallow: /

# Block Gigabot
User-agent: Gigabot
Disallow: /